Welcome to the beautiful and unspoiled Virgin Gorda. Virgin Gorda is a Caribbean island in the British Virgin Islands. It’s known for the Baths, a rocky labyrinth of enormous boulders forming crystal clear pools and seawater-flooded grottoes. You will find white-sand beaches like Spring Bay, Trunk Bay, Secret Beach, Devil’s Bay and Savannah Bay and Nail Bay farther North. Virgin Gorda is the gem of the BVI. This precious island offers you all kind of activities such like surfing, paddle boarding, kiteboarding, snorkeling, hiking, diving, jet-skiing, island hopping, star gazing and more! 

SPEEDY’s Rental Cars 

*You need to rent a car and you will need to pay the gasoline with cash, they don't accept credit cards in the Gas Stations (there are 2 Gas stations in Virgin Gorda). Taxis are cheap (cash!) if you SHARE them with friends. The bad thing is that they don't operate late during the night and you don't want to get stranded. I recommend you to book a taxi bus during the day so you can visit the island, it is fun and cheap with friends. Speedy's is the #1 car rental and ferry company in Virgin Gorda. Their service is excellent and the cars are in excellent shape!

*Driving on Virgin Gorda BVI: Driving in the British Virgin Islands is done on the LEFT-hand side of the road. Honking is polite and popular, like a hi and/or thanks! Some locals don't own a car so it's very normal to see them trying to get a ride. 

*Wear your seat belt! You will get a ticket for that.

*Although you barely see the police around please be caution and don't speed while driving. Kids walk back home after school, lots of people too and also our furry locals: goats, lambs, cats, dogs and chickens. Be always careful and specially driving the hills, you will find a couple of sketchy curves and the cliffs are high. 


Taxis & Private Tours 

You always can book a taxi whenever you need it, but after 6pm you need to book the taxi ahead during the day. This is Virgin Gorda we don’t have a taxi service like in Europe or the US. You need to book your ride in advance after working hours.

speedy's bus virgin gorda
speedy's guided tours


*Currency: Dollars. Bring lots of cash, there is 1 ATM machine in Spanish Town and a new one in Leverick Bay Resort & Marina, North Sound of Virgin Gorda. Call your bank and let them know that you are traveling, you don't want your credit card to be blocked!

* You can stay in Spanish Town, Mahoe Bay, The Baths, Spring Bay and Nail Bay or you can stay in the beautiful North Sound of Virgin Gorda too, it is only 20 minutes away from the Spanish Town.  

*Say "Good morning", "good afternoon" and "good night" (good night is a greeting) to our beloved Virgin Gorda people! People are very polite and they always say hello in the supermarket, bank or wherever you are. The official language of the British Virgin Islands is English, though it is spoken with a West Indian accent and often contains unusual phrases particular to the area. If you find them serious keep smiling, they will smile back.

*Be patient and relax! You are on Island Time! Things take longer and you are not in Madrid or NY! Just relax!

*When snorkeling or diving DON'T touch anything! You can kill our beautiful corals if you touch them or get injured, so remember NO touching the beautiful marine life!

*Cigarettes are despised by most locals, even outside so keep your distance if smoking. Please dispose of them properly.

*No trash, please keep the beaches clean. Leave only footprints!

*Virgin Gorda BVI Electricity: Electricity here is the same as in North America - 110 volts.

*Yes, you have to TIP in restaurants and bars!

* There are two gas stations in Virgin Gorda, both of them in Spanish Town. They accept only cash. Buck's Grocery Store And Gas Station, which is located near the small a village of Santu Patia. Sol Gas Station located at North Sound Road.

*There is no bank at the moment in Virgin Gorda. Banco Popular gearing up for opening day! Stay tuned for more information coming shortly.

Photo by Honorable Vincent Wheatley

Photo by Honorable Vincent Wheatley

*Cellphones: If you want to buy a temporary cell phone you can do it with Digicel. They are located in Spanish Town and you can top it up online too. 

*Taxes / Departure Tax: Environmental Levy: $10 per person payable in USD at the port of entry upon arrival. There's a couple extra $ for cruising permit for private boats. 
The airport departure tax is $20 pp in Beef Island and $15 pp in Virgin Gorda – payable in USD at the airport.



Virgin Islands Search And Rescue is a Non-Profit Organization in the British Virgin Islands, performing emergency and rescue operations at sea. Emergency: 767 or 284-499-0911
Office 284-345-4357, Road Reef Marina, Road Town, Tortola, BVI. More info


Area Manager : Julette Wood
Charge Nurse : Evadney Reid
Charge Nurse : Marcia Wallace-Watson
Location : Iris O’Neal, The Valley- Virgin Gorda
Phone : 284-852-7700/852 7730 or 284-541-1662/3
Email :

Operating Hours:

7:00am – 10:00pm : Mon to Fri
7:30am -10:00pm : Weekends &Holidays
10:00pm – 7:30am : On Call

Virgin Gorda recycles!

Green VI & the Department of Waste Management placed the first (of many) of the new community recycling bins! Great news from their partners at The Recycling Committee & great news for the continued expansion of recycling in the BVI! You can drop your bagged or boxed sorted, clean recyclables here! Come be part of the solution - stop sending your glass, cans, & plastics to the dump! Who Recycles? VG Recycles! More info

Recycling Bins! The newest in their series of community bins on Virgin Gorda - this one is outside the Little Rainbow Preschool. Their bins are made of reused pallets equipped to receive plastics, cans and glass! Watch this space for news of the next bin location and for expansion of the “WE RECYCLE” program territory-wide!

Green and Clean VI Ltd.
Julie Swartz     ,    Managing Director at    Green and Clean VI Ltd.