In order for sailors to enjoy the many beautiful sites both above and below the water, The BVI National Parks Trust has installed more than 200 mooring buoys (surface buoys attached to stainless steel pins set in bedrock) for daytime use only at many BVI dive sites. The system has been operating since 1991, and is aimed at protecting the fragile, underwater marine ecology from physical damage, particularly by boat anchors, and maintaining the pristine reefs for the future.

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Pond Bay, Virgin Gorda

Pond Bay, Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda Moorings

Red Right Returning! The BVI uses the American system. Red buoys mark the starboard side upon approach from the sea. A small fee is charged for the use of the moorings. This fee is used for the maintenance of the system and installation of new buoys in other high traffic areas.

Sailors must, by law, obtain a National Parks Permit, either from the charter company when Customs is cleared, or from the National Parks Trust Office at 61 Main St. Road Town, Tortola. (284) 494-2069 More info

You can also reserve your mooring online. was created to provide boaters with a more secure way to pay, stay, and play.  BoatyBall has mooring balls in prime locations throughout the British Virgin Islands.  You can reserve them in the morning, the reservations open at 7:00 am and they are often all gone by about 7:03am. If you’re on the app at exactly 7:00 am you will be fine.

The mooring buoys are 13 inches in diameter and are color coded:
ORANGE BUOYS: Non-diving, day use only
YELLOW BUOYS: Commercial dive vessels only
LARGE YELLOW BUOYS: Commercial vessels or vessels over 55 ft.
WHITE BUOYS: Non-commercial vessels, for daytime dive use only
BLUE BUOYS: For dinghy use only

Where mooring buoys are not provided, sailors should anchor in sandy areas and be sure to never sail at night. Nightfall arrives quickly, and even the most experienced sailors in the BVI do not sail past dusk.

Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Tel: (284) 442 6178 or (284) 547-6178

Devil's Bay Fort Point National Parks Trust. Tel.: (284) 494-2069 

The Baths National Parks Trust. Tel.:(284) 494-2069 


Fallen Jerusalem

National Parks Trust. National Park moorings are for 90-minutes of day use only; but Fallen Jerusalem is worth a stop to snorkel. It’s an underwater version of the Baths, and the sea life here is spectacular.

Savannah Bay, Long Bay and Mountain Point, National Parks Trust. The new Kodiak Queen dive site is an interesting stop, marked by two white moorings in Long Bay.

Bitter End Yacht Club, Saba Rock, Yacht Club Costa Esmeralda, Biras Creek and the Fat Virgin Café are all currently closed

The Dogs: Great Dog and George Dog remain a fantastic daytime lunch, snorkel and dive location.

Island: Great Dog. National Parks Trust.

Mosquito Island, North Sound

Tel: (284) 494-2254

Vixen Point, Prickly Pear Island, North Sound

Island: Virgin Gorda - North Sound